Over the last couple of months there has been a big shift of energy. You might have felt it. For me, this shift has focused on my teaching energies. I have realised that my vibration as a teacher has lifted a notch or 3, but my courses and their content has stayed the same. Due to this imbalance between me and my courses Ive decided to put a hold on running any courses until the balance has been restored. I'm currently working hard to re-write all my courses to match my new energy level. So, please bare with me... courses will be up and running again early next year.

Im still offering Shamanic healings, energy healing including Reiki and Isis Seichim. Or please book in for a face to face or emailed readings.




Come and visit me at February's Enlighten Adelaide Festival at the Adelaide Convention Centre. I'll be offering Channeled readings, Spirit Guide readings and Past Life Readings.



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